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Current Characters: Bakura and Mytho

Character Name: Hawk Valdis

Source:Original character

Personality: Hawk is best summed up as an intense individual who wants nothing to do with humanity as a whole. Antisocial, untrusting, bitter and just generally cranky, he’s not exactly fun to be around. He has no middle grounds for his emotions, or really much of anything in his life. When he decides to do something, ALL of his focus is on it. He doesn’t have half finish projects and his effort is never half assed. He goes until he has to stop. When he hates something, he UTTERLY loathes it. When he does care about something, there is almost no chance of stopping him from protecting it. There are very few inbetweens.

Hawk is prone to addictions. Growing up in a household where both parents abused drink, he decided that he would choose his addiction and went for coffee instead. He avoids alcohol with an almost religious devotion, almost as if he’s afraid that if he so much looks at a bottle of wine, he’ll be compelled to drink it all. He still gets very angry at his mother for her drinking and refuses to even talk to her when she’s drunk (except to yell at her for it before storming off.)

Hawk does not often trust people, himself included. He sees people’s failures, not their successes and is very pessimistic. He does not expect people to be anything other than jerks, idiots or both. Children, however, are a big exception to this. While holding no illusions about angelic natures or anything like that, Hawk views children as things to be protected from the assholes of the world. He views them are far more honest since they haven’t yet learned how to properly deceive, and has a very strong parental instinct. He’s also very antisocial, and goes out of his way to avoid people in general. Someone has to prove themselves useful or intelligent before he’ll actually acknowledge their right to exist.

A lot of what Hawk does is because of his father. His father being a failure as a dad who didn’t really want kids in the first place, resulted in him wanting to be the best father ever. His father’s alcoholism made Hawk want to be as straight edged as possible. His father is the source of a lot of his bitterness, and his intensity. One of the easiest way to get Hawk to stop doing something is to tell him that it’s just like his father.

Going along with Hawk’s intense, almost black white view of things, he has a strong sense of justice, though far more of the vigilante style than traditional. His disdain of people as a whole and his want to protect those few he cares about condenses in a very strong core of revenge. He murdered his father after his father caused the death of his younger sister, something that his only regret is that he didn’t do it before she died. He believes in shooting first, and not bothering with questions after. Only he won’t shoot with a gun. Despite Hawk’s metal affinity, he does not at all like firearms. He believes them to be a tool that the weak use. When he hunts, it’s with crossbow and traps. He’s well practiced with the crossbow, regular bow and throwing knives.

Hawk also works with metal for both a hobby and a side job, his affinity with metal helping him in making costume swords and armor. He’s still learning the trade, but has spent a lot of time training and studying. Metal working has also resulted in him being rather strong in the upper body as it takes a lot of physical strength.

In general, Hawk is one of those people who just can’t easily switch off and doesn’t ever seem to be enjoying himself. He almost is always linefacing or scowling and a smile from him is as rare as rainfall in a desert. He’s the most at peace when he’s by himself, or with one of the very few people he cares about in the woods, away from society.

History/Pull Point:

Hawk is the eldest of two children born in a household of two drunkards. His mother drank to get away from prophetic visions, his father drank to relax. As result, Hawk very quickly learned to take care of himself and his younger sister, his father being useless around the house and his mother being unreliable. When his father wrapped the family car around a tree, killing Hawk’s younger sister, Lilly when he was 8 and she 6, Hawk began planing his revenge. At age 10, he murdered his father, using his emerging powers over the Earth to ensure the body would never be found. Due to his father’s known alcohol abuse, it was assumed he wandered off into the woods when drunk and was lost, presumed dead. He and his mother lived off her waitressing income and the savings that his workaholic father had left, Hawk doing odd jobs to help support himself.

Determined that he was going to get out on his own and away from the small town he lived in, he applied himself very dedicatedly to his schooling, not bothering with sports or many hobbies that would distract him from that goal. His one main distraction was Nav, a half demon orphan. Despite Hawk’s stand offish nature, Nav’s stubborn persistence and their mutual dislike of other people resulted in them becoming rather close friends, with Nav’s combination of energetic nature and his penchant for getting into trouble, plus Nav’s outsider social status from being half Maku demon (a demon type that was known for causing destruction and that fed off negative emotions) as well as the fact that Nav was rather immature that got under Hawk’s personal armor, leading him to think of Nav almost as an idiot younger brother. An utter mismatched pair, Hawk would always be there to haul Nav back from the brink of giving in to his demonic nature, bail him out of trouble and haul him kicking and screaming through his school career.

Nav was also the only person who could ever get a smile out of Hawk, something that unfortunately only encouraged Nav’s antics and made it even harder for Hawk to keep him from getting in over his head.

When Hawk and Nav were freshmen year of high school, a 3rd friend was added to their group, Aralu, a transfer student who very quickly showed interest in Nav and enjoyed antagonizing him and getting him to show off his demonic abilities, something that pissed Hawk off intensely. Yet somehow in all the bickering and verbal sword play, Aralu also managed to get under Hawk’s armor. Aralu was also only half human, though she flaunted it far less than Nav, and the fact that she didn’t look down on his only friend got Hawk’s begrudging respect. Aralu was also intelligent, yet uninterested in school work, only bothering to do the bare minim to pass. However, what work she did do was honors level, something that always pissed Hawk off. Finally, after a verbal fight over schooling Hawk laid down the challenge for her to actually work up to her potential and reach all honors classes. With in the semester, Aralu went from being in Nav’s level of classes to being up in the honors classes with Hawk, running academic rings around him with out the levels of effort that he put in. For the first time, she had proved that she was his equal, something Hawk had never felt anyone around him was.

As if able to tell this, Aralu began adding in more teasing and flirting into their arguments and banter, the attentions she normally reserved for Nav starting to shift more for Hawk. Hawk always became flustered at this, something which only seemed to encourage Aralu more. By the start of their senior year of high school, Hawk realized that he was falling in love, something he had figured he never would. Unsure how to deal with this, he attempted to just push it aside, but with the constant flirting, there were moments where he was sure Aralu was seeing right through him.

Unfortunately, before things could progress further, something would happen that would tear Hawk’s world apart.

Maku demon were known to have a short lifespan. Creatures that fed on negative energy, they often would lose themselves in their feeding until they lost all control of their powers and went out in a blaze of gory glory. Being only half Maku, and raised by humans, Nav had even less control, only Hawk, and then Aralu’s constant interventions kept under control. However, they could not constantly be by his side. While in a fight started by someone bad mouthing Hawk and Aralu, Nav went too far and lost control of his powers when he killed the instigator. Hawk was near enough by that he and Aralu arrived to see the tail end of the confrontation, Aralu just barely holding Hawk back as Nav’s powers consumed him, resulting in a huge energy wave that devastated the area around him like a very small bomb.

Hawk blamed himself for not being there, and Aralu for holding him back, believing that if he could have gotten to Nav, he could have done something, this resulted in a huge fight between the two before Hawk stalked off from the scene to be alone with his grief.

When he returned the next day, Aralu was gone without any trace of where she had gone to.

Angry and bitter, Hawk closed in on himself, shutting out anyone and everyone and focusing again only on his studies. He finished the school year with solid As, earning a full scholarship to a state college, which he took. He spent the next 4 years burying himself in his studies and wringing every minute of time out of college, taking the maximum course load and double majoring in Physics and Geology, taking metal working courses to hone the metal manipulation part of his Earth ability. He also picked up a part time job learning auto mechanics to help pay for what the scholarship didn’t cover, leaving him utterly no time for socialization, something he didn’t mind at all.

After graduation, he found a job taking care of wilderness vacation property in a small town in the mountains, wanting to be as far away from people as he could be. He improved his skills hunting, something he had started learning when he was younger to supplement his mother’s meager income, living as off the grid as he could.

It was while on his rounds maintaining the wood trails that he found a boy of 10, lost and frightened. When asked where his parents were, all the boy could tell him was that “the bad men” had them. Always a sucker for children, Hawk took the boy, Faolan, home, with all intents to track down what had happened to his family and reunite him with them. However, the situation was far more complicated than it seemed. A trip to the police station found that not only where there no missing child reports out for the boy, but no information at all could be found on Faolan anywhere.

For lack of any other idea, Hawk took Faolan back home with him, taking care of him as he had his sister. The gruff, hostile exterior that he showed strangers seemed to melt away when it came to the boy, and Hawk found himself very easily falling into a fatherly role, even as he kept trying to find out where Faolan’s family was. As for the boy himself, Faolan was almost feral at times. Often silent and not very good with words when he did speak, it almost seemed as if this boy had been raised in the woods. He took very easily to Hawk teaching him how to hunt, being very quickly good at spotting dear and rabbits that Hawk could take down with his bow, and very quickly warmed up to Hawk, following him around much like an eager puppy.

Things began to grow stranger when one night Faolan pulled back into himself, looking very distressed and uncomfortable. Before Hawk could find out what was wrong, the boy transformed into a young wolf, who instantly tried to hide from him. After a moment of being utterly stunned, Hawk rolled with it, and took the young werewolf out hunting again in the moonlight.

A few months later, another discovery was made in the woods: This time a very young girl lost and crying, blubbering about looking for her brother. However, before Hawk could bring her down to the police station, there was a knock at his door.

It was Aralu, looking near exactly the same as she had the last time he had seen her 7 years before.

Thus Hawk was pulled into a very complicated story of the Alliance, an organization of people and creatures of powers that was on the brink of revolution where he would be chosen by the Werewolf God to lead the werewolves people back to their true selves, fight along side his semi-immortal girlfriend to bring down the corrupt regime of Omadon’s Alliance and reestablish a new order.

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills: [Please note that any god-tier abilities will be nerfed down to a reasonable level. This is also your space for talking about any odd quirks of existence such as immortality, non aging, living despite a condition that would leave other dead, etc. All things that are deviations from normal, average human abilities. Also, if your character is bringing in any enchanted items, please list them and their abilities as well.]

[Game Specific]

Character class: Earth/Metal mage. Also, Hermit.

Why your character would be that class: Hawk’s ability in his home story is an affinity with Earth and by extension, Metal. His metal affinity is far stronger and is something he practices at. He uses it in subtle ways, something he explains as listening to the metal and guiding it into what it wants to be more than forcing his will on it.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class: Nothing new, just a transfer of what he already has.


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